Facial Anti-Wrinkle Treatment using Autologous Fibroblasts

A technology and process developed and proven in Japan and promoted globally by GN Corporation (www.gncorporation.com), Japan

Presently available treatments for facial wrinkles:

1.      To simply, physically fill the wrinkled portion:

Materials used and their properties

(i)         Hydrogels which contain water in polymers: These are degraded in a short while, though pose no allergy and need continuous filling quarterly

(ii)       Paralysing Toxins which is a foreign protein, (banned in several countries) produces not only allergy but its effect lasts only for a maximum of 3-4 months.

(iii)     Hyalonic acid gel: This do posses the allergy with a short duration of lasting upto 3 months.

2.      To fill the wrinkled portion with Collagen, (lack of which causes the wrinkle):

The Bovine Collagen gel when used, which is an animal protein BSE is one possible disadvantage of this, apart from allergic reactions. Like the above mentioned materials, the anti-wrinkle effect of collagen is also short lived.


The latest in the anti-wrinkle treatment:

The latest technology is treating the root-cause of the problem, i.e to replenish the wrinkle area with fibroblast, taken from the person's skin, which will keep secreting collagen and growth factors thereby filling the wrinkle bringing back the youthful appearance and content as well to the skin, in the most natural and physiological way (Fig. x).

**At present the waiting list of clients who want to undergo MiAWMi treatment is approximately 6 months

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