Facial Anti-Wrinkle Treatment using Autologous Fibroblasts

A technology and process developed and proven in Japan and promoted globally by GN Corporation (www.gncorporation.com), Japan

The steps involved in the MiAWMi:

1. The initial assessment of the facial wrinkles

2. Harvesting a small piece of tissue from the skin of the same person

3. The tissue is sent to a cGMP cell processing laboratory

4. The fibroblasts are isolated and expanded in the lab

5. The expanded cells are sent to the clinic for injection

6. The cells are injected in 2-3 sittings at an interval of 3-7 days in between in the wrinkled area

7. The wrinkles start disappearing in 2-3 weeks time and last for 2-3- years***

***Individual variations apply

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