Facial Anti-Wrinkle Treatment using Autologous Fibroblasts

A technology and process developed and proven in Japan and promoted globally by GN Corporation (www.gncorporation.com), Japan

The advantages of this procedure over the existing technologies

1. No Allergy: The cells from being the same person, don't result in any allergy like Paralysing Toxins or other animal product containing fillings.

2. Last Longer: This is the only methodology that diretly addresses the root-cause of the problem therefore the effect has been proven to be longer lasting than the other methods. Those who have undergone this treatment in Japan have shown the anti-wrinkle effect of this method of treatment lasting over even 3 years.


3. The most natural way: Fibroblasts not only have a faster (2 times)* growth potential in the lab, but also secrete more growth factors such as VEFG and KFG (2-4 fold)

* All the illustrations are original artwork of NCRM (www.ncrm.org)

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